Start making your NFTs with ease


If you:

  • Wanted to make NFTs out of your art in an easy way,
  • Avoid paying a lot of money in minting fees,
  • Dodge the technical difficulties intrinsic in the NFT ecosystems,
  • Using a simple point-and-click interface that does almost everything for you,
  • Pay really low fees for selling your art,
  • And receive not only one cryptocurrency, but different ones, even in a single buy order,

Then is for you!

Deploy your NFTs on the AltHash network within seconds!

Put them for sale in our marketplace or start an auction after release!

Deploying and minting is free.
You don't have to pay a single cent.

Your files will be automatically uploaded to the IPFS network

Smart contracts are always available in HTMLcoin wallet addresses

We push tokens to your desktop wallet anytime you want
And the most important feature of all:

Accept multiple cryptocurrencies for payment in a single order, including:

And since we're powered by HTMLcoin, we have native support for the next HRC20 tokens:
Al-BuraqBURQBiffy DiamondBIFDBiffy PlutoniumBIFPSovereign MoneySVMSuperfunSFUN

You can also take value from the next cryptocurrencies:
DigiByteDGBDigitalNoteXDNEinsteiniumEMC2HertzHERTZMotaCoinMOTAOnixONIXPandacoinPNDPirate ChainARRRQtumQTUMReddCoinRDDTrollcoinTROLL

How does it work?

  1. You upload the file you want to tokenize.
  2. You enter the token details (issuance, title, description, etc.)
  3. You select what to do after deployment. You can:
    • Put it for sell in our marketplace
    • Start an auction out of it
    • Take the token out to your desktop/mobile wallet
    • Let it sit in our server's wallet and decide later
  4. Submit it and let our server forge the token. It will:
    • Push the file, thumbnail and metadata to the IPFS network
    • Make the smart contract and deploy it in the HTMLcoin network
    • Mint the token items (one for unique tokens and each unit on multicopy sets) using HTMLcoin from our own wallet as gas
    • Put the minted token in the place you decided before.
    You can monitor the entire process on your tokens dashboard or the single token details page. Also, you get email notifications with detailed information about the entire process.

All that, completely free for you. No deployment or minting charges. We pay all the fees with our own HTMLcoin. You'll only be charged when:

  • If you sell your token on the marketplace or an auction, we'll deduct a 2% fee from what you've been paid for a token or a copy of a token.
  • If you take a token or a copy out to a desktop wallet, we'll charge your with a very small transaction fee -usually cents of a dollar- that you can pay with one or more cryptocurrencies.

Start uploading your assets right away!

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