Second bugs squashing round finished

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We're really excited with the response from all of you! The opening was just the beginning, and we'll keep working at full throttle for some days.

Here's the list of things that have been happening since our previous advancements report:

Sitewide fixes and additions

  • Added list of accepted coins on marketplace items and auctions.
  • Added social sharing links to tokens, shop and auction item pages.
  • Fixed incorrectly placed "featured" stars in auctions.
  • Fixed display issues in the FAQs section at the home.
  • Fixed missing token titles in auction scrolling segments.
  • Removed stepping in the bidding amount input box and increased the size.
  • Added missing SEO tags to single auction pages.

Changes on the Marketplace

  • Allowed public visibility of product sale stats.
  • Added missing SEO tags on single product pages.
  • Tuned layout and styling of product boxes on scrollers and grids.
  • Removed some unneeded buttons from the shop sections.

Changes pushed to CryptoWiz at Blockchain Financial

  • Added amount modifiers when spinners aren't available on the widget.
  • Tuned widget layout for mobile devices.

There's more to come. The list is big and more requests are coming.

Please, if you find a bug, help us posting it in the Bug reports forum.

If you have an addition request, don't hesitate on posting it in the Feature Requests forum.

And don't forget to follow us on Telegram or Twitter!

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