Libra.Codes is out of Open BETA and officially released

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It's been a long month. We've fixed a lot of issues and added some missing features from our initial list and others requested from our users.

But our tests run in production was successful. Many users deployed their NFTs and some of them got sales over the marketplace. Other users pushed NFTs for auction and a couple concluded successfuly.

Those reasons and finishing the development of our main skin are what made us conclude the open beta stage and go into full release.

So, hereby, we pronounce Libra.Codes as officially released.

You'll find below some details from the latest updates:

Fixed bugs:

Features requested by users that were fulfilled:

  • My Shop Tab, requested by Roebou.
    Modified the marketplace menu entry with a dropdown that lists the link to the marketplace, a shortcut to the dashboard and a shortcut to all user owned shops.

Other additions:

  • Hiding landing sections on the home page when a session has been opened to unclutter it a bit.
    Until we implement the brand new skin, that is.
  • Added FAQ entries:
  • Added notifications after token sales and sidebar widgets with lists on the marketplace products and auction details pages.

Token ratings module released

  • Allows everyone to rate tokens from all around the website.
  • Shows ratings everywhere.
  • Provides a sidebar widget showing token and user rankings.
  • Provides a page to show historic calculations.

Auctions center updated to version 1.1.3:

  • Added extension points for further usage.
  • Added USD value to auction deductions (fees) stored in auction meta.
  • Multiple optimizations.

NFTs manager (Libra.Codes core) updated to version 1.1.3:

  • Added thumbnail of the token above the details table on the withdrawal notification.
  • Removed checking of existing custom attributes so blank ones can be removed.
  • Added notification for users that come back after leaving a token in the middle of creation.
  • Added support for multiple file formats:
    • Image: PSD, RAW, TIFF.
    • Vector drawings (new format): SVG, EPS, AI, CDR, DXF, WMF.
    • Video: RAW.
    • Audio: RAW.
  • Added extension points and methods for further usage.
  • Added internal information to properly track fiat conversions in tokens history.
  • Tuned the language file.
  • Multiple optimizations.

There's more to come

We have a handful of features we'll address within the next days. Once they're ready we'll announce it on our blog and our social media channels.

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